First Build

This evening I finally got to the first step of building my Pi3 Cluster. Over the last few weeks I’ve examined a lot of pictures and after a couple of false starts I think I have everything required.


I bought from a number of sources :

Perspex (see through acrylic) from

Blinkt! LED Indicators from

Aluminium spacer kit from

4mm Aluminium spacers from

Corsair CX600 PC Power Supply from PC World

40 pin GPIO Connector Header Extender 90 Degree Angle from

Aluminium Heat Sink kit for Pi3 from a seller on eBay

Cat 6 Patch Cables from a seller on eBay

For each Pi3 I inserted the Blinkt! LED strip onto one side of the 90 degree GPIO Extender and then the other side of the GPIO strip onto the board. Then I attached two of the heat sinks onto the relevant size chips on the Pi3 board.

Next I took my precut perspex, the size of which I had figured out using a piece of card, and then using a small drill bit and an Archimedes drill I made 4 holes into my perspex.


Once these small holes were made in the appropriate locations I drilled the proper sized holes. I managed to break a few pieces but on the third attempt I had success.


Once I was happy with the location of the Pi3 mounting holes I drilled the three outer spacer holes. Then I started putting together the stack of Pi3’s. First one…


Then the rest…


Then it was just a case of attaching network patch cables and Mini-USB power cables to each Pi3 to my network switch (100MBps for now) and power supply respectively.


The next job is to figure out the software required for each MicroSD card. Should I go for a custom development under Windows 10 IOT? Or maybe just go for Docker/Kubernetes. Or should I start with Hadoop?


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